The Vrsar Viewpoints – Enchanting Panorama Views of the Sea Expanse

Vrsar has stood on a prominent hill overlooking the Adriatic coast since the Middle Ages. This position has given birth to extraordinary positions from which one can observe the surrounding islands, islets, bays and coves.

The largest of all viewpoints can be found just below the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, below the Small Gate of Vrsar from where it affords a wide view towards the south-west. It is one of the oldest and most spacious viewpoints of Vrsar. Protected by the shade of the trees and featuring a stone table, a bench and a traditional  Istrian cistern, it hides in its background an intimate ambience of the small square spreading in front of the Small Gate and the Church of St. Anthony of Padua.

The second viewpoint is just behind the Parish Church of St. Martin and boasts the view towards the north, of Valkanela and the archipelago of Funtana. This tiered viewpoint simply invites numerous tourists to sit down on the stairs and stay for a while.

Only a dozen metres below there is a tiny viewpoint called Bepo and Tonina (Joe and Tonia) enjoying the view of the north-west. The viewpoint is rather impressive owing to the stylised sculpture of man and woman forming the back of the bench.

Vrsar also boasts the Casanova Viewpoint with a view of the Vrsar port, the marina and the Sveti Juraj Island. This viewpoint is also embellished by a sitting bench in Istrian stone as an artwork. An old wall adds to the ambience embroidered with Istrian stone, while the tree planted in the middle of the viewpoint gives shade in summer months offering comfort to the passers by.

The most stunning view opens from the tallest building of Vrsar – the Vrsar bell tower. It is the most visited viewpoint where one can enjoy the view of the Rovinj’s Basilica of Saint Euphemia, the islands of Vrsar, Funtana and the surroundings of Poreč, but also of the Vrsar hinterland and its numerous hills.

A somewhat forgotten viewpoint is next to the today inexistent Church of St. Martin at the eastern edge of the town. The church stood where a beautiful panorama of the Vrsar hill opens, offering what is probably the most beautiful view of the Vrsar historic centre.

Along the shores of the Lim Bay there are also numerous locations offering the view of this natural phenomenon, in particular of its other (southern) coast, hidden places repeatedly capturing attention of tourists, hikers and adventurers.

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